And the beat goes on…

Hi, I am not giving up I am holding on to my love. A lot has happened and love has never left my heart of hearts. Many let downs and many blissful excitements and still very much in love and thankful . Here are my newest and updated media site should any of you choose to follow a Sist’a.  One day I will learn how to fuse all these together.

Peace, stay true to you. JS


The Gift

It’s been a blessing for me in this game. I’m holding on for my own reasons, but at the same time grateful to of had helped a beautiful love who really needed me ongoing for the past several months.

Base off the support I have been receiving it seems that many are waiting to see me fail, but guess what?? The Creator gets the final say so that’s all I have to say about that. Through it all right this moment I’m still getting things done, a Hemp wedding dress retailed at $3,000.00 for a woman I never met not even to take her measurements. You can read her comment on my Facebook page about her sample dress.

Peace, JS

Just A Little..

Whew! Although I may look like I’m not but, I am so out of shape it’s not funny. Why did my angry face jut scream out “give me another cookie!” as I was hammering my abs and legs? I hardly eat cookies? It was so comical and we laughed so hard it disrupted our entire workout. Darn…but it was a great workout while it last.  Time to get back to work.


Your a little curious about that huh? Life, it’s the funniest thing isn’t it? We just gotta have it but, always remember to give it your best, live life passionately, laugh till your stomach hurts, and LOVE unconditionally.